Welcome back!  Card number two is a card that is very close to my heart.  When I saw the rainbow pieces and started to turn them in different directions to see if anything popped out at me this symbol did.

Jesus is amazing so this sentiment is perfect for this card.  Another hidden symbol in this card is the wood background.  The wood background symbolizes the cross.   White and gold are clean and simple colors together.  I could have left it alone at this point but I wanted to add something that would bring down the glam just a notch.  So I added a small piece of burlap ribbon into the mix.

Do you see how I made the fish symbol?  I just put a dot of multipurpose glue on the end of the first piece, let it get tacky and then placed the second piece on top.  Next, I pulled the second piece down until the ends crossed.  To secure the tail I added another small dot of glue.

I wanted the fish to stand out of course so I mounted it on a small piece of Whisper White cardstock and rounded the corners.  That piece was all mounted onto the wood embossed layer piece with dimensionals.  The dimensionals also hold the ribbon in place.

Now all you need to do is layer everything onto the card base.

This card is way out of the box for this set don’t you think?  I love it so much, I hope you do too.

Come back tomorrow, card #3 ready for you.  This one is out of the rainbow box too, I think you are going to like it.

Live Loved My Friends ~ Beverlee


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