Yesterday at my monthly OPEN HOUSE I was so inspired by all of my customers / friends.  Each one of them are so talented, fun to create with and wonderful woman.  I just love open house, we always have a great time.

Rina is working on wedding invitations for her niece.  She brought her sample with her yesterday and shared it with us.  OMGosh the invitations are absolutely beautiful.  I went crazy.  Here is a picture.

Rina made a separate RSVP card and the envelopes as well.  Rina’s niece is one lucky bride, these invitations are a treasure.

I was so inspired by Rina’s creation that as soon as I had a minute to myself today I went to my studio to create.  This Pocket Card is what I came up with.

On the inside I dublicated the fancy scoring around the edges of the insert to match the same detail that is on the front of the card.

I love the pocket idea, here is the front sentiment pulled out of the card.

The card with no insert

I love it, I embossed Happy Mother’s Day on these two cards so I can take them to the shop.  But you can stamp any sentiment on the front insert.

I think these cards are good ones for another Assemble Them Card Class, don’t you?  I will schedule it soon.

Thanks for stopping in!   Have a great weekend.

Live Loved ~ Beverleet

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