Little Lantern

Can I tell you that  yesterday’s Super Stampers was SOOOO much fun.  Nancy was on a roll, she made everything perfectly.  Her work was amazing.  Everyone else had a few moments of oops and darn it, we just laughed and corrected the errors and moved on.  Debbie even pretended to make an error just to give me a heart attack.  That was funny everyone got a kick out it.

This little lantern project was a hit…. Rose in particular loved it. Rose specifically attended this class because she wanted to make this lantern. Cathy walked around swinging her lantern, she loved it too.  All in all it was a very fun class.  The ladies loved all three of their projects.  They kept saying how beautiful everything was.  I’m very pleased.  When I know my customers love the projects my heart is full.

I cased this darling lantern from StampingWithAmore.  You can go to and check out her video.

Thanks for visiting today.  May the rest of your day be joyful.

Live loved ~ Beverlee


September’s Open House

If you don’t know her this is Liz.  My friend Liz is the person I’ve told you about who gave me all of the wooden spools.  When Liz arrived to OPEN HOUSE yesterday I gave her the necklace that I made for her.  She loved it.  She loved the box that I packaged it in too.  We stampers are so funny we love the packaging as much as we love the gifts inside.  Thank you again Liz, you are a special friend!


Like clock work these wonderful ladies showed up at the start of OPEN HOUSE.  Here they are creating their FREE make and take.  That’s right, at each open house you can make a card that I designed especially for that day.  Everyone LOVED the make and take this month.  OMGOSH the were so complimentary and happy.  I love it when the cards they are making make my friends smile.


This card was the make and take and the box is the box I packed Liz’s necklace in.  These little pizza boxes are so cute.  They are the perfect size and so easy to assemble.  The pizza boxes are a blank slate, you can embellish them for any occasion.

Thank you to all who participated in the PUNCH, FOLDER and ADHESIVE SALE…. It was a huge success, I need to start making all of you the cards I promised.

Live Loved my friends~ Beverlee



Gift Bags From The Heart

Hospice of San Joaquin has an annual fund raiser every October.  My friend Phyllis works very hard to organize this event.

The other day Phyllis mentioned that she wanted to package the prize money in pretty gift bags this year.  I thought I can make those for her.  So I offered and Phyllis was thrilled.  Phyllis is picking up the bags in the morning. I sure hope that she likes them.

Hospice is close to my heart, they cared for my best friend, her mother and my brother.  I’m forever grateful.

Live loved  my friends~ Beverlee Product List

Stampin’ Up! Annual Incentive Trip

When the doorbell rang tonight, I wondered who it was, I wasn’t expecting company tonight.  I went to the door and it was my wonderful UPS man.

When I saw the package I thought, could it be???  YES, it’s a package from Morris Meetings….. OMGosh our SU incentive trip official documents are here.

LOOK at the nice clutch, I will be using this as a purse a lot, I love it!!!  This clutch holds our name tags, our itteniary, our luggage tags and loads of trip info.

These adorable elephants are our luggage tags.  They are so so cute.  They look like cookies.  They are a thick rubber, so soft and colorful.

Here are our name tags

And the cute spiral book holds all we need to know.  I didn’t know that SU is also giving us $466.00 to spend on meals while at the resort.  SU will host breakfast everyday, lunch two days and a special buffet dinner one day.  So this cash is for any other meals we want while in Thailand, AMAZING!

Kenn and I know that we could not have achieved this trip without YOU.  My customers/friends, downline and family.  We are so thankful.

After receiving this sweet package I got a text from my manager Debra in Idaho about the trip, we plan to meet on the beach.  And I contacted my friend Lisa Brown from Texas, we discussed wardrobe and currency.  While getting to literally travel to the other end of the world, I’m most excited about seeing Debra and Lisa and other demonstrators that I know.  I look forward to making more friends and getting the HOLIDAY catalog.  PIllow gifts are pretty exciting too.

I can’t wait to be with the SU team. For all the incentive achievers the excitement has begun.