More AUGUST Paper Pumpkin Ideas

Today I sent off those two thank you cards that I showed you yesterday.  I also duplicated one of them for my Paper Pumpkin display area here in my shop.  As I was working I saw this leftover piece of floral cardstock so I had to use it.  I made the card below with it.  It is really similar to yesterday’s layout but made with a leftover scrap.


I had 4 cards left in my kit.  So I decided I wanted to make a 3-D item of some sort.  This is what I came up with.  I call it a bag box.

What do you think?

To make this bag box I put two cards together.  To put them together I needed tabs.  So I opened the cards up flat ( now you are looking at the inside of the cards and I scored the right side of the cards at 1/2″ (shown here in this picture).


Then I burnished both cards really well using my bone folder.  Have you noticed that the Paper Pumpkin cards are heavier in weight than our regular cardstock?  I did so that made me think that these cards would make GREAT boxes and bags.   Sure enough,  this bag box is really sturdy.  


Next, I added tear and tape to the edge of each cards fold line.  You want the tape at the edge otherwise your bag box seams will look slightly open.


Then I put the two cards together by folding in the tabs and adhering it to the other card.  You want a plain side connected to a floral side like this.  


Then I attached the other tab to the other card.  


Now you will have a box.  But the box needs a bottom.


I used whisper white thick cardstock and cut it at 5 x 4-1/2.  Then I scored it on all sides at 3/8″

Now you will need to cut off each corner to create a tab on each side.


Fold up and burnish all score lines.  Then add liquid glue to all the tabs.  Now place the bag box over the bottom and secure.  Check to make sure that the bottom edges are all lined up, then secure the tabs to the bag box by sticking your bone folder into the bag box and pressing them all down.  Let dry.  Drying only takes a few minutes.


Now you are ready to squeeze the top of the bag box.  As you squeeze in the middle watch that the side is folding nicely.  You may need to pinch the corners to make them crisp.

I closed mine with a clip, added a tag and some ribbon and DONE.  The first one took me a little while to make but once I had the measuring down, the second one was done quickly.  I love the size and shape of this bag box and of course, I love that floral print.

You could also cut out a window on the front of one of the cards and add a window sheet in that spot.  It would be really cute to be able to see the gift inside.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I enjoyed creating for you.  I apologize for the messy grid paper but I’ve been busy, LOL!

Live Loved My Friends ~ Beverlee

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August’s Paper Pumpkin

Hello and welcome.  Today I finally had time to open up my Septembers Paper Pumpkin.  It has been sitting on my counter for a few days and I could not wait to open it up and take a peek.

I have two thank you cards that I need to send out tomorrow so when I saw these cards I knew this kit would meet my immediate need.

I was tempted to just let you look at the photo’s and judge for yourself.  However, I think you may want a bit of info on how I made them so here goes.

If you are a subscriber you will notice that my cards look nothing like the cards that were intended to be made.   I’ve never used the instruction booklet.  Not because the ideas in the booklet are not good, they definitely are.  I just like giving you MORE ideas so I create on the fly.  These cards are all original ideas from yours truly.

Here is card number one.  Before I talk too much about this card, may I tell you that making all of these cards took me just over a 1/2 hour.  Yes, that is right I timed myself because I knew it would go quickly.  Making cards using kit contents usually does.

#1. The only items on this card that are not in the kit are the card base ( fresh fig in color) and the texture on the whisper white layer piece.  That linen look was created using the Subtle folder and the Big Shot.

Here is what I did.  I took one of the cards from the kit and cut it in half.  I used the floral design to embellish the envelope flap and the back side of the card (the plain white piece) to create the layering piece.  I used the stamps that come in the kit and stamped the tags, punched out the sprigs, stamped and cut out two flowers and put everything together.

I love the silver lining on the tags and envelopes, that little extra touch makes all the cards look so elegant.


After making the first card, I couldn’t stop.  All these ideas kept popping into my head.  On the next card, I used the subtle folder again.  Why not? It was already out so I just kept using it.  I love how the subtle folder makes the cardstock look like linen.  Again I cut a printed card from the kit in half.  The folder was used on the floral piece this time.  I had cut out an oval for another card so I stamped that, ran it through the folder and attached it within the Delightfully Delicate Laser Designer Series Paper. Lastly, I layered that piece on top of the floral layer and put it all on another Fresh Fig card base.

For this card’s envelope, I just ran it through the folder also.  Yep, the whole envelope fits into the folder.  It immediately transformed the envelope ( you will see the detail better in the close-up pictures below).  Another extra touch was adding Wink Of Stella to the leaves and flowers on the oval area.

It seems that I’m always needing sympathy cards, so this one is perfect.


Card number three is again a card base from the kit that I cut in half.  I cut the floral half layer size ( 4-1/2 x 5-1/4) and then cut an oval out from the middle. (that oval is the one I used on card number 2).  I  cut down the back half of the original card the same size, stamped it with the sentiment and then ran it through the subtle folder.  I stamped the tag, punched out and adhered sprigs to the back of the tag and then just added a few gems here and there.   For this cards envelope, I took the leftover floral piece from the first envelope that I embellished and simply glued it down to the front.  How do you like that? No waste.


Here are some close-ups





I hope you enjoyed, my alternative Paper Pumpkin Projects, they were fun to make and so so easy.   If you want to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin just click on the Paper Pumpkin graphic below.  These kits make great gifts.  They are fun to make with the family.  Grandma and grandchildren love creating these together.  Next month’s box will be geared towards Halloween, I can’t wait for that one.

Live Loved My Friends ~ Beverlee
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April Paper Pumpkin

This month’s Paper Pumpkin is so cute and fun to create with.   I want to share with you the things I’ve made with it so far.  I’ve made one card and one note card everything else is a box or a candy holder.

Here is the card.  I used two of the 6 x 3 note cards to embellish this card.  I just cut each note card in half.  Then I used them as layers of color and pattern.  The kit came with these pretty circles that are trimmed in gold.  There are two sizes of circles, this is the large one.  The kit comes with banners too so I added one of each of them.   The anchor was punched out and so was the little gold heart that I put on the anchor.  This card took 5 minutes to make.  It was so simple.  I stamped Ahoy on the banner using the Island Indigo Inkspot that also came in the kit.  One of the things I like about this kit is the touches of gold.  

Next,  I’m showing you the note card that I put together.  Again I used one of those gold hearts.  I simply added it to the lifesaver.  Now my lifesaver is adorable.  I really like the twine too, it’s thicker than normal so it suggests rope.  The cards and envelopes are already printed so everything goes together in a snap.


Now, look at the box.  It is so so cute.  Everything to make this box is ready to go, you just fold and put them together.  To embellish the top of the box I cut another note card in half and layered it on. The lighthouse is popped up with dimensionals which allowed me to run twine underneath it and around the box.

This kit has been so easy to use.  I literally made the first 5 projects in a half hour.  I was like Edward Scissorhands!!!! Bam bam bam and done!


A few months back we received these crumb cake pillow boxes in the Paper Pumpkin kit.  I thought I could embellish this box too so I did.   I stamped the little sailboat on the note card front and Congratulations on the banner. The last step was to add some ribbon.  I think this box is the perfect way to give a gift card for a new baby boy.


The next project is a goodie holder too. I made it using two of the notecard envelopes.  I put the two envelope flaps together with liquid glue and then put the other end together by punching two holes and threading in the twine.  Candy fits inside perfectly.  I embellished the front with yet another note card half, a smaller circle tag a large rectangle tag another anchore and some simple stamping.


Here is my haul altogether. Not bad for a 1/2 hours work…..

This morning I made two boxes and put one on top of the other.  I wrapped twine around and around the middle to give the boxes even more of a nautical look.  For the bottom box just put two of the striped box lids that come with the kit together.  The lids fit inside each other perfectly.  DONE!

Then to make the top blue box you use two box bottoms that come in this kit.  Lay both boxes side by side, attach the flaps together fold at all the score lines and the box bottoms will form another box.  Save one of the box bottoms as a pattern so you can make them over and over.  They are a great size.

To finish the boxes off I embellished the top just like I did on all the other projects


Here is a side view


There you have it a ton of alternative Paper Pumpkin ideas.  I haven’t looked at the kit instructions yet but I’m sure it’s got really good ideas for you too.





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Paper Pumpkin Alternative Project

In this months kit, there are beautiful envelopes.  They are actually stunning.  I turned some of them into boxes.

Here are the steps

  1.  Carefully undo the bottom flap of the envelope.



On this envelope place the envelope on your paper trimmer with the printed side up.  Place the bold early espresso printed line on the bottom of the envelope onto the cut line of the trimmer and using the scoring blade score all the way across.  Go back and forth to ensure a good score line.


Now lay the envelope this direction and score all the way across on the bold early espresso printed line again.


Now score the other side the same way.


Cut off the top flap ends as shown.  You will be cutting on the vertical scorelines and stop at the printed area then cut the piece completely off.


Burnish all score lines with your bone folder.  On the sides, the center score line goes in like a valley and the other two score lines poke out like a mountain.


To form the bottom of the box you need tabs.  So turn the box so you are looking at the side and from the bottom cut up the vertical mountain score lines up to the horizontal score line.  Do that to both sides.


Place tear and tape at the bottom edge of the larger flap.

Place adhesive on your tabs and then fold in your tabs.  Next fold over the smallest flap securing it to the tabs.  Then fold over the larger flap to secure the bottom of the box.  Pinch all score lines to make them crisp and the box will stand on its own.

9.  I decorated the plain side of the box with the floral embellishments in the kit.  The back of the box is the printed side.  This makes the box attractive on the front and on the back.   I put the largest floral punch out onto the box using dimensionals.  I purposely wanted the embellishment piece to be raised.  Now the top scalloped flap can just bend over the top and tuck behind the raised embellishments.  Look at the first picture so you will see what I’m describing.

10.  I threaded the bakers twine through the hole in the scalloped flap and tied a bow.

Enjoy! And Live Loved My Friends ~




March 2018 Paper Pumpkin

Hi there!!!  It was an amazing day here in Tracy CA.  It was a perfect day for Kenn to get major yard work done.   We have a huge yard so I told Kenn that I would help him.  Kenn keeps the yard up by doing a little each day, but we have had rain so he hasn’t done his daily hour or so of work in a while, so we needed to catch up.  With a rake and wheelbarrow in toe off to the front yard, I went.

Well, my neighbor was doing the same thing so of course, we had to chat (there went a 1/2 hour).  Then the mail lady pulled up.  OH NO!!!! My Paper Pumpkin came.  The timing was horrible, I said I would help in the yard but I really wanted to run inside and start creating ugh!   Do you know how hard it was to take the mail in and not even peek into the Paper Pumpkin Box?  Well, it was but I did keep my promise and I finished my part of the yard work.  Our yard looks very groomed at this moment.♥️♥️♥️

When I came in I washed my hands and opened my sweet monthly surprise.   I didn’t even go out to my shop I just sat down at the kitchen table.  Ooooh, the loveliness in this kit is crazy.  I love it so much.

The first thing I did was slap a leaf and a flower onto one of the wooden Easter eggs that I got a Target a few weeks ago.  To adhere the elements I used the ginormous dimensionals that were included in this months kit.

Look at this!!!! Isn’t it beautiful?  It took two minutes to make.  Notice the brad in the middle of the flower.  YES, there are brads in this months kit.


For the card, I added a crumb cake base to the contents of the kit.  I used my wood texture folder to emboss the base.  Then I cut one of the crumb cake cards that came in the kit in half and embossed that piece with the basket weave folder.  I did ink up the basket weave folder first using Early Expresso Ink.

In the kit there is crumb cake rose floral pattern papers, I love that paper, it’s gorgeous.  After I cut a window in the pinkish dsp I layered the rose pattern underneath.

I then stamped the sentiment and placed the wooden elements and leaves around the curve of the scallop circle.

The card is so so simple to make.


Here are all the projects I made today.  Which is your favorite?

In the kit, there are these BE U TI FUL envelopes.  I mean they are so pretty I don’t want to share them……. I know that is bad!  The envelopes are the perfect size to layer onto a card base.  YEAH!!!! I thought that they may be to long, but no, they are perfect.  The first thing I did was cut off the scalloped flap and put it on the front.  Then I cut one piece of that gorgeous rose print paper into banners.   I cut some ribbon and attached it to the banner.  Then I made a quadruple bow using the white bakers’ twine.   For the leaf, all I had to do was punch it out and stick it on.  The wooden elements were an added free gift in this months kit.  Stampin’ Up!  gave a bonus gift to everyone because we are celebrating Paper Pumpkin’s 5-year anniversary.  I added a brad to the pre-punched hole that was in the flap.  A sponge and Early Expresso Ink were used to sponge some ink onto the scallops and the top part of the flap.

Everything else on this card was pre-printed.

I hope you subscribe to Paper Pumpkin, the kits are really nice.  The stamps I’ve collected being a subscriber are adorable, I really do use them all the time.

You have a great evening, remember to Live Loved ~ Beverlee


OOPS I forgot to list the scallop circle framelits in the product list sorry.

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February’s Paper Pumpkin

Hi there!  Are you ready for this month’s alternative Paper Pumpkin projects?  Today I sat down with my kit and had a blast.  I like to share my alternative projects with everyone to help you all see how much MORE you can do with the contents of the kits.  The kit comes with ideas, everything you need to make the suggested cards/projects and an instruction guide.  But I think the more ideas you can get the better.

NEWS FLASH… if you subscribe before March 10th you will receive a FREE GIFT!  Next month Stampin’ Up! Is celebrating Paper Pumpkin’s 5th anniversary.  So they are adding a FREE gift to the MARCH kit!!!! We are all excited anticipating what the heck it could be.  So join me and subscribe.

The stamp set in this month’s kit is absolutely adorable.  One of the stamps is a simple line.  Believe it or not, that is the stamp I will use the most.  Every time I send out a card I will use the line stamp on my envelopes.   I know, I know, I’m easily pleased.  Those little lines just thrill me.  I think that they make the envelope look so darn cute.  Do you agree?

In order to make the THANK YOU for this card stand out I colored each letter with my Bronze Blend marker.  That Bronze Blend is awesome so far it is the one I use the most.

Did you notice the little dainty white flowers on the kits designer series paper?  I love it.  To add texture and interest I cut the DSP in half and embossed it using the Basket Weave folder.  Now let’s talk about the white floral tag is part of the kit too, you just punch it out and use it however you wish.  Even the linen thread is in the kit. I love that stuff it adds so much.  The long stem flower is my favorite flower in the kit, I’ve used it a lot already.

This time of year at Target you can find wooden Easter Eggs.  You will find them in the dollar spot area.  They come in an egg carton of 6.  The pack is $3.00.  To color the eggs I roll them into my ink pad until the whole egg is covered.   I wrapped this egg in Old Olive Ribbon and tied a bow.  Next, I added greenery and flowers also from the kit.  The large flower needed a little something so I colored a gem with the Bronze Blend  I told you I use it a lot ) and placed it in the center.  The greenery is made from vellum.  Because vellum is clear the greenery didn’t stand out so I used my sponge roller and colored it with Old Olive ink.

To dress up the bunny I used the linen thread and tied a bow around the bunny’s neck.  Then I  added a few more kit flowers to the ends and let them dangle.  Next, I wrapped the long flower around the egg holder.  I got the bunnies at World Market a few years ago when they were on clearance for twenty-five cents each.  SCORE!  I bet they will have them or something similar again this year.

The last thing I did was add a tag, I just had to use the stamp in the kit that says “HELLO SWEET”.

Remember if you subscribe to Paper Pumpkin with a 3-month subscription you will earn a FREE SALE A BRATION item.  Don’t delay you will want that FREE gift too.

I’m lovin’ these projects, I hope you do too.

Live Loved My Friends ~ Beverlee







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