Gingham Gala

Good evening friends,

I had so much fun making these spring poppers.  These adorable poppers have been around a few years but I never tried to make them.  I’m so glad that I tried, they are not hard.  In fact, the little ones are simple.  The larger ones just take some scoring and punching, they just take a little longer to make than the little ones.

Linda Parker is a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator who is very creative and she makes a lot of boxes. I got this idea from Linda and ran with it.  Thank you, Linda, I love your ideas.

I love love love the Gingham Gala DSP.  I used it to make my little poppers then I used it again to embellish the larger poppers.  I had never seen the little poppers until I saw Linda making them.  I think she designed then herself.  I’m not positive that she did but I’m giving her the credit because as I said I have never seen these cuties anywhere else.


Here are the instructions and the supplies you will need to make the small poppers

  1. Envelope Punch Board
  2. Gingham Gala DSP (6X6)
  3. Doily
  4. Inks to match the papers,  Highland Heather, Balmy Blue, Daffodil Delight, Grapefruit Grove, and Lemon Lime Twist.
  5. Sweetest Thing Bundle
  6. Organdy Ribbon Combo Pack ( FREE with a qualifying Sale A Bration order)
  7. Tear and Tape
  8. Dimensionals
  9. Big Shot or paper snips
  10. Paper Trimmer
  11. Bone folder

NOTE:  I used white ribbon and polka dot ribbon because I don’t have the SaleABration ribbon YET!!!!

INSTRUCTIONS ( small poppers)

First, you will need to cut your designer series 6×6 paper down to 5-1/2 x 4-1/2

On the 5-1/2 inch side, add sticky tape all of the way across the paper. Bernish the tape using the bone folder that comes with the Envelope Punch Board.

Remove the protective paper from the tear and tape and roll your dsp into a cylinder.  Now, attach the two ends together.

ooops, excuse the feet in the pic, lol.

Now your paper should look like this

For the next step, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the seam is in the middle ( just like in the picture above).

You are now ready to pinch both ends up to 1″ in.  I’m pushing down on the right end of the cylinder in the first picture and scoring the lines with the bone folder up an inch.  

Now do the same to the left side.


Next place one pinched end into the Envelope Punch Board and put the end of the dsp at the 1″ mark.  Once you are in this position you can punch.

Flip the dsp over and do the same thing again.

Now do the same thing to the other end and you are done.  Your popper will look like the photo below. Isn’t it adorable!!!!!

Slip candy ( I used Ghirardelli Mini Squares) into the center and tie both ends with your ribbon.





To make these Larger Poppers you will need all of the same product that you need for the small ones plus coordinating Cardstock, multipurpose glue, and your Simply Score tool.

Start by trimming your cardstock down to 7 X 9-5/8

On the 9-5/8 end score at 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 7-5/8″, 8-1/8″ and 8-5/8″.


Turn your cardstock 90 degrees ( or to the 7″ side) and score at 1″, 3-1/4″,4-1/4″ and 6-1/2.  FOLD AND BURNISH all of your score lines.

Now you want to fan fold BOTH ends of your box creating a valley at the middle score line.


Now you will need your  ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD.   Starting on the left side of the cardstock place the pointer of the punch board on the first score line and punch.


Do the same to the other side.

You will now fold the first landscape scoreline down and tuck it under the cardstock.  Then punch again just like you did before.  See in the picture below the first two punched areas cannot be seen because they are folded under the cardstock.

Now punch again.  Move to the other side and punch again just like before.  Do this to all of the landscape score lines.  When you fold the paper under at the score lines the punching will be harder because you are now punching through two layers of cardstock.  Just press hard and remove the piece that falls out each time.


Continue until you have punched both sides of each folded scoreline.  It will look like this at the end of punching.

To make the tab for your box, add tear and tape to the skinny end of the box as pictured below.

Burnish the tear and tape pieces, remove the protective paper.  At this point, you are ready to put the box together.  Flip the box over fold down the sticky tab and fold the box in half so that both ends meet and stick together.

This is what it looks like after you adhere the two ends together.

Your box is ready to embellish.  Add your Designer Series Paper.

Cut two pieces of DSP to 5-3/8 x 2.  Then cut two more pieces at 5-3/8 x 3/4.  Use multipurpose glue to stick these strips of DSP onto you box panels.  Place one of the little poppers inside of the big popper and then close the ends of the boxes using your ribbon.

Once you have made one of these boxes you will enjoy making more.  They may look intimidating at first but just go slow and make sure your scoring is correct.  Also, make sure the paper placement in the Envelope Punch Board is correct.  If you do those two things right, you can’t go wrong.

I can show you how to make these at my OPEN HOUSE too.  I hope you are coming.  My Open house is on February 7th from noon until 7 p.m. Just RSVP, please.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by.

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Traveling TIC ~ TAC~ TOE

Hello friends, and welcome to my blog.

I have a cute little project to share with you tonight.  I hope you enjoy watching.  PS. I turn green for a second… I don’t know why but at least its not for long, whew!

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Snowman’s Hat

So, what do you think of this little snowman’s top hat?  This is the project that I made on Facebook Live last Sunday night.  If you have Facebook and you would like to visit me I go live every Sunday night.   Just hop on over to my Facebook business page @ Stampinalldaywithbev at 7 p.m Pacific time to watch.  Or if you miss it, you can go back anytime and replay the live video.

Every Sunday night I create something new to share with you.  I have fun seeing all the comments and visiting with all of you while sharing what I love.

The top hat above is a candy holder.  In photo #4 you will see that there is a little hole at the bottom that you can punch through to retrieve the treats.


The next top hat is home decor, it will look sweet just setting amongst your Christmas decor.   I have mine sitting on my coffee table already just because it makes me happy.

Here is a picture of the hats together.  I wanted you to see them next to each other so that you can see if you like the Old Olive Sprigs best or the Gold Glimmer Sprigs.


In the picture below I’m showing the bottom of the candy holder hat.  The small hole is covered with wax paper so you can easily poke at it and release the candy.

I made the hats using OUI yogurt containers and black spray paint.  Because the container is glass this little hat is very very nice.  It shines, it has weight to it and it will last forever.

To watch me make these hats just go to my Facebook business page and check out the video.

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Triangle Treat Boxes

Hello and welcome back to my blog.  I’ve been back from the annual Stampin’ Up! Incentive trip for 3 days and it just feels like there is not enough time in the day to do all the things I want to do.  Today I made this MILLY THE MOUSE triangle box.  I love the way she turned out so I just had to share her with you.

I got the idea and instructions from Steffi Helmschroff.  Steffi is a Stampin Up Demonstrator from Germany.  She is an amazing demonstrator and a wonderful person.  Steffi and her husband Frank were assigned dinner seats with us so that is how we met.  Steffi does not speak English and I don’t speak German so her husband Frank interpreted for us.  Frank is a sweetheart too, we really enjoyed meeting both of them.  Steffi and I exchange information so we can stay in contact.

Stefi has a YouTube Channel, so I checked it out.  I fell in love with this watermelon box that she made.  Her video is in German, but somehow, I figured it out.   Isn’t it cute?  Mine is slightly different than hers because the punch that she used to make the watermelon seeds is discontinued now and I didn’t have the stamp set she used for her sentiment.  But other than that I copied her idea.


Once I knew how to make the box, I started to think about other things I could make that in the shape of a triangle.  The first thing that came to mind was Candy Corn.  Halloween is coming up ( yes I know time flys) and we could use another cute goodie box so I made this one.

Notice that it is the same layout as the watermelon just made for a different occasion.

Well, what else can I make?  How about a mouse?  MEET MILLY the mouse.  Notice her tail, she makes me happy.



Here are all three boxes together.  Milly is bigger than the other two.  As long as you start with a square piece of cardstock you can make them any size.


The watermelon and candy corn were made from Whisper White cardstock and colored with the sponge rollers and ink.  On the watermelon, I used Garden Green and Real Red.  For the candy corn, I used Daffodil Delight and Pumpkin Pie.  For the seeds on the watermelon, I used the little bits of cardstock that drop from the Hold Onto Hope Cross thinlit.

The product used to make Milly the Mouse are listed below.

Thanks for visiting with me,

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Picture Frame

Hello friends!  Look at what I’m sharing today.  Isn’t this home decor piece darling?

I had so much fun making this frame.  YES, that is right this frame is made from cardstock.  Glossy cardstock to be specific.  You definitely can use any cardstock to make a frame however the glossy cardstock fools your eye.  The glossy cardstock makes the frame look like it is made from a hard plastic.  This frame reminds me of the ones you can buy at IKEA.

Here is a side view for you.

When would you like to come over and learn how to make one?  Let me know and we will set you up.  Or if you can’t come over, here is a link to Karin’s blog.  She has a great how-to video.  Please let me know if you need help though, I’m here for ya!

Thank you for stopping by.

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Basket Instructions

Hello friends.  Today’s post is all about that little basket I made for the Color Fusers blog hop.  I was asked for instructions so here they are.

I used the second largest framelit in the set.


Cut one piece of cardstock at 11 x 4-1/4.  From that piece, you can cut out all four framelit pieces as shown above.


Next, you will turn your image landscape onto your paper trimmer.  Place the nose of the image on the trimmer at 2-1/2″ and score.  Do this to all four pieces


All four images should be scored as shown above.


Next layer all of your four pieces onto your folder (mine are stacked two on each other so all four go in at once).



Now lay two pieces ( one at a time)  into your trimmer portrait style and score.  Line up the edge of the cardstock with the end of the dark gray part of the trimmer as shown below.

Now do the same with the other two pieces BUT this time CUT instead of score.


Below is a photo of one cut.

Fold up the edges of the two images that were scored

Cut off the bottom part of the tab as shown below.  Notice that I cut off the tab just up to the scoreline.  Cutting off that part of the tab reduces bulk when putting the bottom of the basket together.


Add multipurpose glue to all four tabs and let the glue set a few minutes to get tacky.


Lay the four framelit images out in this order….. One with a tab, one without a tab, another with a tab the last without a tab and then join them together.  I have a picture below.


Now bring the ends together.  Make sure everything is lined up straight.  The tacky glue allows you to still move things if necessary.

I placed multipurpose glue on three of the bottom pieces and let the glue get tacky then closed up the bottom of the basket.  I set two clear blocks into the basket for weight to help the glue set completely.


For the handle cut a 1/2 inch strip of cardstock the length of the folder.

If it is longer than the folder that is okay emboss it anyway and just cut off the excess.  


Add multipurpose glue to each end of the handle and let the glue get tacky.  Then place the handle on the basket.


Embellish as you wish.  AND HAVE A BLAST DOING IT!!!!


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